Data Center & Enterprise

Avere is radically changing the economics of data storage. Avere’s solutions gives companies – for the first time – the ability to put an end to the rising cost and complexity of data storage by giving customers the freedom to store files anywhere in the cloud or on-premises without sacrificing the performance, availability or security of their data.

Elastifile is redefining enterprise storage with an all flash solution bridging current and emerging data center architectures. Combining the resiliency and functionality richness of enterprise storage with the agility and cost model efficiency of web scale architecture, Elastifile delivers flash performance to any and all enterprise applications while reducing the CAPEX and OPEX of virtualized data centers and private clouds.

Enmotus develops software device virtualization and visualization solutions for data center, web scale servers and professional workstation applications. Our products enable system builders and IT managers to easily virtualize multi-vendor PCIe SSD and SAS/SATA storage devices in servers and storage appliances to create high performance real-time automated tiered storage.

Hightail addresses the problems of creative collaboration and visual project management between teams of creative professionals and their clients and other stakeholders. Hightail began as a simple way to send files that were too large for email and has since grown to evolve the cloud into a virtual workspace that enables seamless collaboration on visual projects from concept to completion.

Nexenta is the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage (OpenSDS). Nexenta provides enterprises with the "true" benefits of “true” Software-Defined Everything-centric Cloud Computing – from data centers to end users; from the infrastructure to apps. Nexenta enables everyday apps from rich media-driven Social Living to Mobility; from the Internet of Things to Big Data; from OpenStack and CloudStack to Do-It-Yourself Cloud deployments – for all types of Clouds – Private, Public, and Hybrid. Founded around an "Open Source” platform and industry-disrupting vision, Nexenta delivers its award- and patent-winning software-only unified storage management solutions along with enterprise-scale 24x7 service and support with a global partner network.

Consolidating over two petabytes of primary enterprise storage into the cloud per month, Panzura is the market leader in enterprise hybrid cloud storage. Panzura’s hybrid cloud storage software seamlessly combines the economics, scale, and business model of cloud storage with the flexibility, performance and features of enterprise storage. Using Panzura, enterprises shift from an antiquated storage status quo model into the cloud and unlock the power of data. Panzura customers are worldwide across financial, technology, life science, insurance, media and entertainment, government, healthcare, AEC and other verticals.

Pivot3 is a leading provider of dynamic hyperconverged solutions. Pivot3’s patented solutions dramatically improve data center simplicity and economics by increasing scale-out performance, driving down complexity and cost, saving disk and physical space and ensuring fault tolerance. With Pivot3’s Quality of Service and Virtualization Management capabilities, customers are able to prioritize data and application performance based on business value. Today, Pivot3 has more than 2,000 customers around the world deploying more than 16,000 globally hyperconverged infrastructures in multiple industries such as video surveillance, healthcare, government, transportation, entertainment, education, gaming and retail.

ScyllaDB is an open source NoSQL database that enables developers to build mission critical applications at light speed throughput and ultra low latency. Leveraging a low latency and C++ powered drop-in Apache Cassandra replacement, ScyllaDB offers a consistent, high throughput, highly available, and highly scalable NoSQL database, and is trusted by companies such as IBM, AppNexus,, mParticle, and many others.

Stratoscale is redefining the data center, developing a hardware-agnostic software platform converging compute, storage and networking across the rack or data center. Stratoscale’s software transforms standard x86 servers into a hyper-converged infrastructure solution combining high-performance storage with efficient cloud services, while supporting both containers and virtualization on the same platform. The self-optimizing platform automatically distributes all physical and virtual assets and workloads in real time, delivering “rack-scale economics” to data centers of all sizes with unparalleled efficiency and operational simplicity.

3DR helps people see their world from above. As North America’s largest personal drone company, 3DR is a pioneer in making advanced, easy-to-use drone technology accessible for a wide range of everyday exploration and photography, and for applications using data analysis, mapping, surveying and 3D modeling for agriculture, construction, infrastructure, search and rescue and ecological study.